URBN interview

An Interview with Natalie, Urban Outfitters UX/UI Design Intern

URBN UX/UI Design Intern Natalie

Behind every great app interface is a great designer.

Natalie is a UX/UI Design intern for Urban Outfitters. Her team creates the visual part of the apps that my team implements in code (I’ve actually done this a few times, so it was really cool to see the Urban app from an artist’s perspective). We talked about how much work actually goes into those advertising emails that appear in your inbox, Intern Interview Day, and how a creative project can make your intern application shine.


An Interview With Billy, URBN Business Analyst Intern

URBN Business Analyst Intern Billy

Not all interns at URBN work directly with clothing or with only one brand.

Billy is a Business Analyst intern whose job is to pull and analyze data from URBN’s three main brands: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People. We talked about working with large amounts of data, landing an internship without going through the normal application process, and the cute dogs running all over the Navy Yard.


An Interview with Carlie, BHLDN Dress Buying Intern

Not gonna lie, “dress-buying intern” sounds like my dream job. ?

Carlie works with BHLDN (pronounced “beholden”), URBN’s wedding brand that specializes in bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and décor. We talked about what a buyer’s job is really like, how it feels to transition from store associate to Home Office employee, aesthetics, and interviewing tips.