Asian Barbie Twenty-First Birthday Red Abercrombie Dress

Abercrombie swing dress | A’Gaci heels

Content warning: This post discusses death and is probably one of the darkest things I’ve posted, but that’s why you have pretty pictures to balance it out, right?

I think a lot about being old.

When (if?) I’m so old that my body is stuck in life support mode while my mind wanders, will I remember my twenties? Will I regret them? If I could go back, would I change things? How so?


I Still Dress Like A Southern Sorority Girl On Her Way to Brunch

White Hollister shift dressVery old Hollister dress | Very new Charlotte Russe wedges

I’m not in Greek Life and I have never been to brunch with a group of girls, ever.

But I was going through the box of dresses that I’d left at my mom’s house when I went to college, and this (very brunch-worthy) dress is gorgeous, from the shift cut to the lace detailing to its unabashedly preppy vibe. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Hollister’s aesthetic before it tried to be Forever 21: Beach Edition. Take a good look at that structure and quality because damn, does that even exist anymore? (more…)

Under the Palm Fronds

Everly Spring Stripes Dress Southern Prep

Everly dress | Qupid shoes

Aesthetic: The social butterfly you see at all the events on campus. Effervescent and aggressively friendly. Is impossible to have an awkward interaction with.

Good with names and faces. Knows absolutely everybody and has no qualms about initiating conversations with strangers. Somehow remembers everything you say. Does not care about social status and will blatantly be friends with everyone.


Asian Barbie Version 2.2.0

Lilly Pulitzer Franco Pink Hyacinth Petal Pusher Lace Strapless Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Franco Pink Hyacinth Petal Pusher Lace Strapless Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Franco Pink Hyacinth Petal Pusher Lace Strapless Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Franco Pink Hyacinth Petal Pusher Lace Strapless Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Franco Pink Hyacinth Petal Pusher Lace Strapless Dress

Forever 21 headband | Forever 21 sunglasses | Unknown bracelet c/o Vinted | Lilly Pulitzer dress | Franco Sarto shoes

This is, in some ways, a continuation of my earlier post about style blogging and why I’m doing it. Ever since I wrote that last post and promised to be more authentic about the way I approach my outfits, I’ve been looking for more intellectual ways to talk about fashion. Style blogging, to me, is so much more than posting pretty pictures of myself online, and I’m still trying to find my voice when it comes to sitting down and putting words to screen.

Everyone has a different motive for why they present the way they do when it comes to their personal style. Some use clothing to make themselves look more attractive. Others want to make it known that they belong to a certain group or culture, or to express how they were feeling when they got dressed that day. I like making subtle statements with what I wear, but I also just really like playing a more sophisticated version of dress-up. In the outfit above, I was equally inspired by sassy receptionist emoji as I was by Blair Waldorf (every time I re-watch even a little bit of Gossip Girl, my headband obsession comes back in full force). I’d much rather tell you those things than, say, what I did that day, because what I do every day is pretty much the same: wake up, eat breakfast, go to class, take pictures, eat lunch, more class, homework, gym, eat dinner, more homework … et cetera. Insert eye-roll here: even listing my routine makes me want to fall asleep. I’d rather tell you about how much I personally identify with  💁🏻 , or how I’m really into the way Blair styles her outfits on GG.

So I will! From now on, I’ll post about things like this, effectively giving myself a way to play dress-up every day while talking about what I love the most. (Why didn’t I think of this sooner?) For example, have you ever listened to a song you were obsessed with and knew exactly how you’d make the music video to that song look like? I do all the time, and while it’s extremely expensive both money- and time-wise to actually make a music video to my favorite songs, it doesn’t take more effort than it usually would to put together an outfit, pick a location, and have a song-inspired photoshoot instead. Or, if I’m feeling particularly fond of a certain look featured in a Netflix show I was watching, I’ll replicate it and put my own spin on it (like a cover of a song, if you will — okay, I’ll stop with the music analogies now). Obviously, I’ll still be posting my usual outfits that aren’t particularly influenced by anything other than random choice, but I’ll try to make a dress-up post at least once a week. I don’t think that personal style is at all arbitrary — and I can’t wait to play around with different themes and expressions on the blog.

Check back soon to see what’s happening! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2017 New Years’ Resolutions

Everly dress | A’gaci shoes | Forever 21 sunglasses

Happy New Year! I decided to go the untraditional route and opted for a colorful shift dress that screamed “summer vacation (is only six months away)” rather than “let’s get glitzed up” to ring in 2017.

It’s still available on at the Mint Julep Boutique right now, so if you like it, snatch it up ASAP.

Despite having become quite a different person since first coming to college, my style has stayed the same; I’ve been and will probably always be a dress-and-heels type of girl. That doesn’t mean I’ll let things become stale, though. I have four fashion-related resolutions for the New Year:

Choose more eye-catching pieces for everyday outfits

I know I already wear enough show-stopping dresses that burn your eyes out, but a lot of the time I find myself opting for my “safe” option of a solid skater dress and black heels. Bright colors and pretty prints are unique, fun, and require a certain amount of confidence to wear with pride. I sometimes BS myself and say that I’m “saving” a dress for a special event, but what’s keeping me from wearing it now? Washing machines exist for a reason. I vow to look my best every day, even when I don’t feel like trying.

Spend less on clothes 

I’m an avid second-hand shopper, both online and in stores (the Plato’s Closet workers in my area know me by name). I make it a point not to spend more than $25 on any one piece unless it’s a special occasion like my birthday or Christmas. Of course, lots of small purchases add up to lots of hard-earned money going right from my bank account, so this year I’m going to cut down on buying things I know I’ll only wear once, no matter how cute they are, and commit to loving the items I already own.

Learn how to do my makeup properly

This one may surprise you, but my beauty-savvy friends have been laughing at me for years because I still wing my eyeliner down instead of up and use the same blush that I played dress-up with when I was five (true story). I’m so impatient that I usually don’t bother with a makeup routine at all. While I do enjoy the fresh-faced look for days where I sit in the library and code, there was a noticeable difference when I invested time into learning how to apply foundation properly instead of using BB cream as concealer. I not only looked a lot better in the few times I did apply makeup, but I actually started enjoying the process more. What a win-win.

Make more friends who are interested in femme fashion

I love, love, love girly aesthetics (you don’t know how much), but unfortunately, my current friends don’t share my enthusiasm for every single shade of pink, frilly hems, or huge bows. One of the reasons I created this blog in the first place was to attract like-minded people and start conversations. If you think you could be one of these people, don’t hesitate to drop me a line! Let’s chat.

– – –

I hope you all had a great holiday season with minimal fights with relatives and intrusive questions about your life and future plans. Here’s to 2017!