Dress | Abercrombie & Fitch

I’m back! I say that a lot, but one day I’ll post consistently. Pinkie swear.

Things I’ve done in my (unintentional) hiatus: Finally learned how to code properly in Java, taught myself the more abstract parts of discrete mathematics, stepped down from my student government position, went on several shopping sprees, developed a small Lilly Pulitzer obsession, got caught up in all of my classes, finished the first season of Scream Queens, became an officer on the Exec Board of my school’s Toastmasters club, finished the third season of House of Cards, re-discovered my love for The Fray’s first album, changed my code editor so that all my code was pink, and somehow managed to survive off of animal crackers, Coca-Cola, and frequent trips to Chipotle through this entire ordeal

I thought about being Barbie for Halloween the other day, but then I realized that I’d literally be wearing the same thing that I normally do. Nevertheless, I was inspired to don this bright pink sheath dress (it has pockets!) and enjoy a nice afternoon at the waterfront. Gotta get in some of this Florida sunshine before it gets to be too chilly to wear dresses.