Asian Barbie Twenty-First Birthday Red Abercrombie Dress

Abercrombie swing dress | A’Gaci heels

Content warning: This post discusses death and is probably one of the darkest things I’ve posted, but that’s why you have pretty pictures to balance it out, right?

I think a lot about being old.

When (if?) I’m so old that my body is stuck in life support mode while my mind wanders, will I remember my twenties? Will I regret them? If I could go back, would I change things? How so?


Asian Barbie Version 3.0

maroon skater dress

maroon skater dress

Forever 21 sunglasses | Monteau dress | Unknown bracelet | A’gaci shoes

Taking action is always better than overthinking.

When I was first learning how to program in Java, I would spend the majority of my time reading and taking notes from the textbook assigned for the class. How did encapsulation work? What was the difference between method overriding and method overloading? And so forth. I thought that knowing everything conceptually would make me a better programmer, and it did, in a way — by the end of that semester, I had a vast theoretical understanding of Java and object-oriented programming, and could hold long conversations about their subtle nuances.  (more…)

Year of the Rooster

GB dress | Jack Rogers sandals | Unknown necklace | Forever 21 sunglasses

Happy Chinese New Year! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, representing confidence, punctuality, and a solid work ethic.

Celebrations usually begin on Chinese New Year’s Eve and last up to two weeks, featuring tons of lanterns, great food, and lion dances. I recommend checking one out if you’ve never been; it’s an experience.  (more…)