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The Well-Dressed Tomboy

Trixie Tang Purple Hi-Low Charlotte Russe Dress

Charlotte Russe dress | Jennifer Lopez heels

I recently re-watched my favorite Fairly OddParents episode, “The Boy Who Would be Queen”, where Timmy Turner gets magically turned into a girl in order to better understand what his crush Trixie wants for her birthday.

In a surprising turn of events, he finds out that she’s actually into comic books, which are traditionally marketed to boys, not girls. She begs him to stay quiet: “If word gets out I like boy stuff, all my friends will think I’m weird. Please, please keep it our secret, girl-to-girl?”


May Flowers

Express dress | Charlotte Russe shoes

Aesthetic: That girl in your math class who owned glitter gel pens in an astonishingly wide array of colors, wrote in big bubble letters, and meticulously organized all of her notes.

Her favorite color was purple, obviously, and she had the type of notebook paper with the reinforced edges. She got annoyed at you because you asked to borrow a sheet from her every single day.


I Tried the Unicorn Frappuccino So You Don’t Have To

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Express dress | Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

This is the first time I’ve stepped into a Starbucks inside a Macy’s inside a mall.

I’m thinking of how the setup is like a configuration of Russian dolls, stores in stores in a giant conglomeration of stores, when the guy behind the counter flashes me a jolly smile. “Good afternoon! What’ll it be today?”

“I’ll have a tall Unicorn Frappuccino,” I reply, cringing a little on the inside. Even I’m judging myself. Last night a good friend of mine who worked at Starbucks had gone on a rant about how much she hated the drink, from its super-sugary contents to the fact that blenders had to be washed out after each use to the grown women who threw tantrums upon finding out that ingredients had run out. I decided to try it out for myself the next day. Why not? I’d received a Starbucks gift card this past Christmas and needed an excuse to use it.


Colors // Halsey

Halsey Colors

Halsey Colors

Halsey Colors

Halsey Colors

Forever 21 sunglasses | Forever 21 hair bow | Express dress | A’gaci shoes

Song: “Colors” by Halsey, Badlands (2015)

“You were red / And you liked me because I was blue. / But you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky / And you decided purple just wasn’t for you.” 

Content warning/note: The content below includes a mild discussion about addiction; please be aware if you believe this could adversely affect you. I do not own this song; all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Welcome to my first dress-up post. I’m really excited for this to be a thing — whenever I find a song I like, I’m always looking up the lyrics and the song meaning, and through posts like this, I can add my own interpretation. I first heard “Colors” during my freshman year and it has been one of my favorites since; it’s dreamy but also surprisingly deep if you listen carefully. Enjoy the post, and let me know what you think!

Lyrical Analysis: At its core, “Colors” is a song about addiction. He is addicted to a substance, and she is addicted to him. Things aren’t looking good, though — he’s sold his soul and there’s nothing she can do but watch as her partner, once vibrant and full of life, fades into an empty husk of a person. “You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise … You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece,” Halsey sings, but quickly acknowledges that he’s in a bad place: “Everything is gray / His hair, his smoke, his dreams / And now he’s so devoid of color / He don’t know what it means.” There’s some intense speculation that “Colors” was about Matty Healy of The 1975, who Halsey had a thing but never became official with (read my favorite analysis of “Colors” in regards to Halsey and Matty here), but as far as I know, neither of them have confirmed it.

The outfit explained: This dress, with its simple cut and abstract white pattern, was the one that immediately came to mind when I thought of the lyrics “everything is bluuuuuuue”. The main character is the opposite of the guy she sings about; she’s blue, not red, and that’s why he fell in love with her in the first place. Blue is often associated with introverted qualities, and I wanted to create the look of someone who was sharply observant, on the quiet side, and maybe a little prim and proper (how cute is that side braid?) as well. How cool would this getup look in a shadowy, intense music video? Very.

The official music video tells quite a different story, and I encourage you to check it out. Its preppy outfits, Tumblr-esque filmography, and huge plot twist at the end are definitely worth 4:14 of your life. I really enjoy styling these dress-up posts because I’m doing my best to stay true to both the theme and my aesthetic — although shooting this one was hard because “on the quiet side and maybe a little prim and proper” is so not me that it’s almost laughable. 😛  I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it, and if you have any songs, movies, books, or anything else you’d like me to interpret for a future dress-up post, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m always looking for new inspiration and open to suggestions.

The Hottest Pink of Them All

Lush dress | A’gaci heels | Forever 21 sunglasses

Bright, in-your-face pink is my favorite color for a reason: it’s confident, unapologetically femme, and bold instead of dainty (like me!). A dress in this shade is so girly that it’s my go-to when meeting new people.

Destroying stereotypes while looking pretty and polished is one of my favorite hobbies. Grab your favorite pink frock, swipe on that berry-flavored lip gloss, and go conquer the world. Bonus if you’re wearing killer heels: it adds to the effect.

I’m currently in Indiana with my sister for Boilermake, a hackathon (from “hack” and “marathon”, defined as “an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming” by the Google dictionary) at Purdue University. We’ll be coding through the entire weekend; the goal is to have a working prototype of an iOS app by the end. I’m super to learn a new programming language and consume metric tons of caffeine. Wish me luck!