Lilly Pulitzer Jesse Skort Romper Fireworks

Lilly Pulitzer skort romper | Old Navy flip flops

Ever since Lilly Pulitzer came out with this romper-that-looks-like-a-too-short-dress, I’ve seen at least one yuppie girl wear it each Fourth of July.

This Fourth, that yuppie girl is me.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate (or scoff at) how incredibly white I look in this photo, taken at an outdoor concert while waiting for fireworks to start:

Lilly Pulitzer Jesse Skort Romper Fireworks

This is the first romper I’ve ever worn, but I’m technically cheating because it’s basically a dress with built-in shorts underneath. It says “you can totally do a cartwheel while wearing me, but I also contain a wide slit in the front that will make you look awkward no matter how you sit.

Lilly Pulitzer Jesse Skort Romper FireworksLilly Pulitzer Jesse Skort Romper Fireworks

The romper has been in my closet since last winter, waiting for the one day where it’s socially acceptable for everybody to wear their most obnoxious American-themed clothing. The occasion was rightly fitting:

Lilly Pulitzer Jesse Skort Romper Fireworks

I wore this outfit to Fourth of July brunch with friends, also known as my first-ever brunch (so many firsts!), where I ordered a gigantic stack of chocolate chip pancakes, indulged in their healthless pleasures, and spent the rest of the day cursing my lactose intolerance.

I regret nothing.

 Mimi Chenyao