Four Ways to Deal with Impostor Syndrome

Four Ways to Deal with Impostor Syndrome

A friend of mine wondered recently why so many people at my school suffered from impostor syndrome, also known as the feeling that you secretly don’t know anything and that you’ve somehow been fooling everyone into believing that you’ve got your shit together.

Although I do attend a school where impostor syndrome seems to be quite prevalent, I think that it affects almost everybody at least some of the time. When I first took college-level economics courses, and later, when I started learning computer science theory and how to program, I struggled constantly with feelings of inadequacy and incompetence. Whenever those feelings come up now, I use one or a combination of the four methods below to make them go away. (more…)

PolyHacks 2017


This past weekend I participated in PolyHacks 2017, a hackathon at Florida Polytechnic University.

Since I’d always participated in teams in previous hackathons, I wanted to go solo this time around. I only had 24 hours to hack–without others working on the project with me, it meant that I should stick to a smaller project, use a language I’d worked with before, and do all my homework (i,e, come up with design specifications, research the frameworks, and create a reference sheet — everything except for actually coding) beforehand. (more…)

The Daily Outfit Algorithm

Maybe you know me in real life, or maybe you read this blog on the reg. Either way, you’ve probably gone “UGH! All of your outfits look the SAME! Why don’t you switch it up once in a while?”

Well, my dear reader, my outfits all look the same on purpose. I’m God-awful at putting together looks that aren’t either a) a dress and heels, b) a mens’ sweater and black pants, or c) a onesie. I shouldn’t be calling myself a “style blogger” at all. Style bloggers have at least a modicum of variety and an eye for combining pieces in a way that compliments the wearer. (more…)

BoilerMake IV

Note: Photos 2, 3, and 5 were taken from the official BoilerMake photo gallery.

I’m freshly back from Purdue University in Indiana, where I attended BoilerMake IV, a 36-hour hackathon. What a weekend — six hundred hackers got together in two of the school’s spacious gyms to code up projects, make new friends, and win prizes.

In addition to this being my first hackathon, it was also my first time seeing what life was like at a “real” (read: population bigger than 800) college. Although there were some headache-inducing moments, I had a blast and will definitely be on the lookout for more hackathons to go to in the near future.  (more…)