Black Scalloped Dress + Life Update

Black Dress Fishtown Philadelphia

Black Dress Fishtown Philadelphia

Black Dress Fishtown Philadelphia

Monteau dress | A’gaci wedges

I promise I haven’t been ignoring you — lots has been going on.

There have been very few moments where I can sit down and write something that doesn’t read like complete garbage. Every day of this summer has been one of those days where events unfold so quickly that I can barely wrap my head around them, like the kind where yesterday feels like a week ago because so much has happened since then.

So. Grab some coffee or an enjoyable snack, and let me tell you what I’ve been up to since I last really posted.


Fiesta Pink Bow Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Antonia Dress Fiesta Pink

Lilly Pulitzer Antonia Dress in Fiesta Pink

Do you ever see little kids in the street with legitimately cute outfits on, and think wow, I’d actually wear that?

I’ve expressed that particular statement out loud an embarrassingly large amount of times (apologies if you were the person I was with at the time), and I feel like the adult clothing gods have finally answered my prayers with this particular dress. That bow absolutely kills me. I may also have it in two different colors and patterns …



Asian Barbie Twenty-First Birthday Red Abercrombie Dress

Abercrombie swing dress | A’Gaci heels

Content warning: This post discusses death and is probably one of the darkest things I’ve posted, but that’s why you have pretty pictures to balance it out, right?

I think a lot about being old.

When (if?) I’m so old that my body is stuck in life support mode while my mind wanders, will I remember my twenties? Will I regret them? If I could go back, would I change things? How so?


Five Years Out

Dress made by me | Franco Sarto heels

The first person I came out to was my sister.

I was a sophomore in high school, and it felt less like coming out and more like I was confirming something she had known all along. She was the one who’d playfully taunted me for being “as straight as a circle” since we were little kids. Her reaction, though, was one of openness and acceptance, and through that positive experience, I was able to tell my friends, closer family members, and eventually the general public that I was queer.

It’s now been five years since I’ve started to overcome my own internalized biphobia/began to talk about the gender dysphoria I experience/explain to others that no, pansexuality doesn’t imply attraction to everybody out there. In honor of Pride month, I thought I’d do a quick touch-base with you all on where I stand on certain Pride-related issues that are prevalent today. If you’re the type to get easily offended, feel free to smash that red X button and come back for another basic outfit post on Monday. The opinions expressed below are mine and mine alone.


A Day at the Lavender Farm

Peace Valley Lavender Farm Doylestown PA

Peace Valley Lavender Farm Doylestown PA

Peace Valley Lavender Farm Doylestown PA

Hollister dress | Franco Sarto heels

I’ve been really into the countryside lately.

My friends make fun of me for admiring the “rustic Pennsylvania charm” (but can you really blame me?) Funny how I never noticed how pretty it was when I was growing up here.

My mom is really into lavender-scented things, so my sister and I took her to a lavender farm for her birthday last weekend. I never knew that lavender farms existed, but now that I’ve been to one, I can easily say that they’re my favorite type of farm.


I Still Dress Like A Southern Sorority Girl On Her Way to Brunch

White Hollister shift dressVery old Hollister dress | Very new Charlotte Russe wedges

I’m not in Greek Life and I have never been to brunch with a group of girls, ever.

But I was going through the box of dresses that I’d left at my mom’s house when I went to college, and this (very brunch-worthy) dress is gorgeous, from the shift cut to the lace detailing to its unabashedly preppy vibe. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Hollister’s aesthetic before it tried to be Forever 21: Beach Edition. Take a good look at that structure and quality because damn, does that even exist anymore? (more…)