Month: September 2017

Getting Swifty at Big Nerd Ranch: iOS Essentials Bootcamp Review

Big Nerd Ranch iOS Essentials Bootcamp

tl;dr this was the best career and life decision I have ever made.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I was not contacted by Big Nerd Ranch to do any sort of endorsement; all opinions expressed are my own.

That’s not an exaggeration. If you’re determined to be an iOS dev and want to learn both the fundamentals of Swift as language and how to intelligently design iOS applications in the shortest amount of time possible, then Big Nerd Ranch’s iOS Essentials with Swift bootcamp is the program for you.


Stormy Blue Swing Dress

Molly and Zoey Blue Swing Dress

Molly and Zoey Blue Swing Dress

Molly and Zoey Blue Swing Dress

Molly and Zoey sunglasses | Molly and Zoey dress | A’Gaci heels

This dress is a blessing for Floridian summers.

It allows me to a) prance around outside and not overheat/sweat like a pig, b) snuggle up to code in bed without worrying about the material getting wrinkled, and c) keep up the illusion that I’m a stylish person. I stumbled upon it at a local boutique called Molly and Zoey in St. Armands Circle; if you’re in the Sarasota area, go check it out! It’s pretty new, and everything in it is comfy and affordable.


7 Things I Learned From My First Software Engineering Internship

Software Engineering at URBN

Between Wednesday Sips and weekend brunch and countless escapades through the city this summer, I began my career as a software developer.

I got to attend daily stand-ups and work on tickets for the Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie iOS apps with the other engineers, and had an opportunity to lead a three-intern team in developing Snap & Match as part of my intern project. This internship made me learn a lot about good software engineering habits, both technical and non-technical. Here are some of the big ones.