Month: March 2017

PolyHacks 2017


This past weekend I participated in PolyHacks 2017, a hackathon at Florida Polytechnic University.

Since I’d always participated in teams in previous hackathons, I wanted to go solo this time around. I only had 24 hours to hack–without others working on the project with me, it meant that I should stick to a smaller project, use a language I’d worked with before, and do all my homework (i,e, come up with design specifications, research the frameworks, and create a reference sheet — everything except for actually coding) beforehand. (more…)

The Daily Outfit Algorithm

Maybe you know me in real life, or maybe you read this blog on the reg. Either way, you’ve probably gone “UGH! All of your outfits look the SAME! Why don’t you switch it up once in a while?”

Well, my dear reader, my outfits all look the same on purpose. I’m God-awful at putting together looks that aren’t either a) a dress and heels, b) a mens’ sweater and black pants, or c) a onesie. I shouldn’t be calling myself a “style blogger” at all. Style bloggers have at least a modicum of variety and an eye for combining pieces in a way that compliments the wearer. (more…)